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           Sugar - lots of it - is lurking in products you'd never suspect. Most product labels list sugar content in grams - and there are roughly four grams of sugar per teaspoon. Be aware that the total sugar content that you end up consuming doesn't always mean added sugar. The natural sugars in products such as yogurt are also included in the total count .Read product labels carefullyand look for the  '-ose' words- glucose , fructose , sucrose , lactose and maltose .In the end , they all spell SUGAR .

How to break the (added) sugar habit

How to break the (added) sugar habit.

To wean yourself off unnecessary sugar,try the following :

  •  UNSWEETENED CHOICES. It's easy to pick a jar of processed food , say peanut butter ,without realising that the manufacturer has added a lot of sugar. For foods such as these , which taste great naturally, be sure to look for unsweetened or slightly sweetened alternatives .' If you can't resist Coke , have Diet Coke'.  - 200ml of Coca cola has 86 calories with 21 g sugar; whereas a 200ml Diet Coke has 0.9 calories and no sugar.
  • EAT MORE FRUITS .With its natural sugar , fruit is a great way to indulge your tastebuds while cutting back on added sugar . An apple , for instance , contains only 18 g of sugar; but a chocolate bar contains about 40 g.

CALORIE WATCH :                                                           

  • Your meals should have low fat intake and lean protein variety with lots of low fat dairy products.                                                                                                                                      
  • Resist in-between meals and especially late-night snacking. If you must, have healthy , low calorie food at hand.
  • Eating smaller, frequent meals and avoiding second helpings keeps the body sugar level and metabolism up, and controls the appetite. 
  • Say no to soft drinks and alcohol
  • Drink lots of water.